The Denison Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit organization, organized and structured for the purpose of offering support to all the athletic programs in the Denison Independent School District. Joining the booster club is critical to the operations of our high school program. The booster club provides many additional things for the program and the athletes, above and beyond what DISD is able to furnish. With your contribution, the organization can continue to provide an excellent experience for the athletes, coaches and the community. Here are a FEW of the things your dues help the Denison Athletic Booster Club provide:

  • Tunnel for all sports to use
  • Programs for each sport
  • Senior Night/senior gifts
  • Meet the Jackets Night for the 3 seasons
  • Shoot Away for basketball
  • Back stop for baseball
  • Bench Enclosures for soccer
  • Storage for tennis
  • Gator and ice machine for trainers
  • Back packs for swimming
  • Charter buses for student body to take to AT&T Stadium for Argyle game
  • 4 Scholarships a year to 2 Senior Girls and 2 Senior Boys

ANYONE who loves Denison Athletics can join! Parents, grandparents, alumna, community members – the list is endless! Contributions are confidential and tax deductible.

You can join the booster club by printing the Denison Athletic Booster Club Membership Form, complete it and mail with payment to the address on the form.

If you have any questions please contact the club at the following email

Or the Board Officers:

  • President-Brian Aspell
  • Vice President – Monica Poe
  • Vice President Pro Tem – Chris Riddle
  • Secretary – Maggie Evans
  • Assistant Secretary – Sammy Earnhart
  • Treasurer – Brandie Patterson
  • Assistant Treasurer – Lynn Burkhead
  • Sargent at Arms – Tim Sparks

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